We cater to entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Welcome



At MJL Microsystems we love working with entrepreneurs! They tend to have a clear vision of what they are looking to create and partner with companies that have the ability to see their vision to fruition. We've worked with many entrepreneurs and helped them with reliable software solutions. In collaborating with our clients we become part of their team and can provide sound advice in all areas of information technology.

Clients are inspired to dream big when they're confident that they're getting sound advice from a company that has the depth and breadth of experience that we have. We bring fresh ideas to the table and advise our clients on what's possible and practical for their particular situation.


Entrepreneurs don't have jobs they have purpose! Entrepreneurs don't wait for things to happen they make them happen! The true spirit of the entrepreneur rides a creative wave and knows no bounds. Entrepreneurs approach their tasks with passion and so do we. They are always questioning how something can be done better and we can help entrepreneurs find answers through technology.

We share the same passions that entrepreneurs have but in the area of technology. MJL Microsystems always invests in staying on top of the latest technologies and techniques so we can insure our clients have the latest and greatest solutions that technology has to offer. Our clients are free to concentrate on their passions without having to worry about technology issues.

We Listen

We listen to what you want to accomplish and develop a plan of action that will make it happen. Even after that plan of action begins to be implemented we continue to listen. Very often, new ideas emerge as a project takes shape. We're flexible and will work with the client to incorporate those new ideas into the project. Even after completion, additions and changes can be made.

As your business grows so can your software. Over time, your needs will most likely change. It's comforting to know that with custom software from MJL Microsystems anything can be added or changed to suit your current needs.

Ready - Set - Grow!